Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Introducing Visiting Patron

Have you ever wanted to walk into one of South Carolina's academic libraries and check out a book, even though you were not a student or employee of that school? With the PASCAL Delivers Visiting Patron service*, your bibliophilic dreams can come true!

It's this simple: Walk into the SC academic library of your choice. Find the item(s) of personal interest. Take item(s) to the circulation desk or kiosk. Smiling pleasantly, present your current Coker identification card. Take the item(s) home with you! And when you are finished with these item(s), you can return them to the Coker Library -- we will make sure the items get back to their proper home.

You can check out three (3) books at a time using this method, and these items count towards the 25 book PASCAL-Delivers limit per patron.

For more information and some restrictions, check out this PASCAL-Delivers Visiting Patron link.

*Side effects may include euphoria, eye-strain induced headaches, better time management with increased free time, and shortness of breath.

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