Friday, October 18, 2013

New Ebrary e-books!

We've got an exciting announcement about several new e-book collections, all from ebrary by ProQuest.

All told, we're adding over 100,000 e-books to our growing collection of electronic resources.  With EBSCO, Springer, and now ebrary, we'll have nearly 400,000 full text e-books available to our students, faculty, and staff!

Create a free account and use download these e-books to any Apple or Android mobile device (visit the appropriate app store).

Unlike some of our e-books, there are no limitations per title (no more "Title is in Use" errors) - so read away!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask: reference "at"

Thursday, October 10, 2013

2013 Instructional Materials Public Review

Once again, Coker Library is a public review site for K12 instructional materials.  Located near the atrium on the first floor of the library, the books will be available for review until November 15.  From the State Department of Education press release:

The public is invited to review textbooks and instructional materials that have been proposed for use in South Carolina’s public schools.

The materials will be recommended to the State Board of Education for adoption on December 11, 2013, by the Instructional Materials Review Panels appointed by the Board. The materials are in the following subject areas:

Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources
 Agricultural and Biosystems Science
 Agricultural Crop Production and Management 1, 2
 Agricultural Mechanics and Technology
 Agricultural Mechanics and Technology for the Workplace 1, 2
 Agricultural Power Mechanics
 Agricultural Science and Technology
 Agricultural Science and Technology for the Workplace
 Agricultural Structural Mechanics
 Animal Science
 Biosystems Mechanics and Engineering
 Biosystems Technology
 Biosystems Technology Career Development 1, 2
 Environmental and Natural Resources Management
 Equipment Operation and Maintenance
 Floriculture
 Forestry
 Golf Course Technology
 Horticulture for the Workplace 1, 2
 Introduction to Horticulture
 Introduction to Veterinary Science
 Landscape Technology
 Nursery, Greenhouse, and Garden Center Technology
 Small Animal Care
 Soil and Water Conservation
 Soils and Soilless Research
 Sports Turf Management
 Turf and Lawn Management
 Aquaculture
 Cattle Production
 Equine Science
 Farm Animal Production
 Outdoor Recreation
 Wildlife Management
Architecture and Construction
 Masonry
 Plumbing
 Digital Home Technology Integrator
Business, Management, and Administration
 Business Law
 Essential Communications
 Financial Math
Information Technology
 Foundations of Animation (Flash)
 Computer Forensics
 Cyber Security Foundations
 Game Design and Development
 Fashion Merchandising
 Marketing
 Sports and Entertainment Marketing 1
 Google Applications
Social Studies
 Social Studies K–5 (includes South Carolina Social Studies, Grade 3)
 Citizenship–Civics 9–12
 Economics (does not include Advanced Placement) 9–12
 US Government (includes Advanced Placement) 9–12
 Western Civilization 9–12
 World History 9–12 (includes Advanced Placement)
Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics
 Power Equipment Technology
The instructional materials are on display at twenty-four colleges and universities throughout the state. The materials will be on display from October 7 through November 15, 2013, with instructions for submitting comments available at each site. State Board of Education members will review citizens’ comments before a final decision is made on adopting the materials.