Friday, January 29, 2010

LITTLE BLUE BOOKS on display at the LITC

Meet the Henry Ford of Literature, Emanuel Haldeman-Julius, and his Little Blue Books.
Now on display at the LITC

Little Blue Books were a series of small staple-bound paperback books printed and distributed by Emanuel Haldeman-Julius, a socialist reformer and newspaper publisher, in the early 1900's. These 3.5 by 5 inch books were created to fit easily into a "working man's" pocket. Their small size and low price helped them sweep the ranks of both the working class and the educated. The Little Blue Books were created in the hopes of getting common knowledge, literary works,and varying ideas and view points, to as large an audience as possible.

"At the close of the 20th Century some flea-bitten, sun-bleached, fly-specked, rat-gnawed, dandruff- sprinkled professor of literature is going to write a five-volume history of the books of our century. In it a chapter will be devoted to publishers and editors of books, and in that chapter perhaps a footnote will be given to me." - Emanuel Haldeman-Julius

But what became a highly popular source of information sank into obscurity by the 1950's, a result of J. Edgar Hoover's FBI. Haldeman-Julius' attempt to enlighten was deemed perverse by the Bureau, due to the collection's inclusion of topics like socialism, atheism, and sexuality. The Little Blue Books were a threat to the American people, and Haldeman-Julius was put on the enemies list.

Learn a little more by dropping by the LITC.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wells Fargo Interview Day

Wells Fargo Interview Day
The Center for International and Experiential Education (CIEE) is currently working with Wells Fargo (took over Wachovia) to plan an Interview Day to occur on February 9th in Columbia at a hotel to be announced at a later date. The openings are for South Carolina, the Southeast and beyond if candidates are interested in relocating. More details will follow about the event as soon as confirmation of the location is received. Stop by CIEE for more information about the job opportunities and check out Wells Fargo Careers.

How to Participate:

1. Students must submit a one page resume to be critiqued by CIEE. Deadline is Tuesday, January 19th. Only December 2009 or anticipated May 2010 graduates are eligible for this event.
2. Make revisions as needed and print 1 page resume on resume paper provided by CIEE. Deadline is 4:00 pm on Friday, January 22nd. You may print your resume in CIEE, 2nd Floor, Student Center. Students should submit a resume to each position for which you would like to apply. E.g. If you want to apply for all 5 positions, then you submit 5 resumes.
3. Resumes will be sent to Wells Fargo for recruiters to review and select students for interviews to be held on February 9th.
4. CIEE will notify you if you have been chosen for an interview. Students who accept interviews must make arrangements to travel to Columbia to participate. Students who are selected for interviews but decline the opportunity must notify CIEE immediately so that another student will have the opportunity to fill that spot.