Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Social Work Reference Center Trial

We've got a trial for a new reference resource, called Social Work Reference Center.  Don't let the "Social Work" title fool you - there is plenty of content available for sociology, criminology, psychology, and education.

Here's some information from the publisher:

No other digital reference tool offers social workers the breadth and depth of specialized resources featured in Social Work Reference Center. Social workers and mental healthcare professionals will benefit from instruments such as:
  • Evidence-Based Quick Lessons: Summaries of common conditions which include information on causes and risk factors; contraindications and precautions; examination best practices; assessment and care plans; desired outcomes and outcome measures; maintenance best practices; and prevention.
  • Evidence-Based Care Sheets: Summaries of the best and most current clinical data applicable to specific diseases and conditions. All evidence is evaluated according to 7-step evidence-based methodology to ensure the best and most current evidence is presented.
  • Clinical Assessment Tools: Descriptions of clinical assessments including psychological tests and attitude measures. Details include the purpose of the research and the variables measured; the number of items and questions; the sample population; the methodology; how to obtain information; and the source of the instrument.
  • Patient Education Handouts: Easy-to-read handouts in English and Spanish with detailed medical illustrations that may be personalized for each patient.
  • Skill Competency Checklist: Forms describing specific clinical skills that can also be used to track personal development and competency.

We'll have the trial until mid-July. Let us know what you think about this great e-resource in the comments below.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Memorial Day History and Library Hours

The Coker Library will be closed Saturday, Sunday, and Monday for the Memorial Day holiday.  We will reopen Tuesday, May 28th at 8:30 a.m.

Memorial Day began as Decoration Day during the Civil War as a holiday dedicated to remembering the dead from that horrific war, often by decorating the graves of these soldiers.  As the holiday began to honor the dead of all of America's wars, the name was changed to Memorial Day shortly after World War I.  In 1971, Congress proclaimed Memorial day to be a National Holiday, to be held on the last Monday of May.

Memorial Day is also the traditional beginning of summer in the United States, so break out the white pants!

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Friday, May 10, 2013

Cookies in the Library


Yes, we will have cookies, milk, and other treats to help get you through exams.  Look for the cookie table by the front desk on the first floor. well before we close at 1 AM.  Yes, we are open until 1 AM!

And good luck with exams!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Public Safety Message: Please, Please, Please save your papers/assignments!

We're winding the semester down, with reading day and exams just a few days away.  It's also time for all of those last papers and take home exams to be finished up and turned in.

We had the power flicker on and off briefly today, and one of our students lost an 11 page paper.  Keep in mind that the PCs in the library have software that wipes any new files (or settings) made while you've been logged in.  Any saved files are deleted.

Please take these precautions to keep your assignments safe:

1. Backup your files in multiple locations.  Most experts say in three places, but I recommend at least two.

2. Print out a hard copy frequently.  This serves two purposes: you have a hard copy in case your digital copy fails and the printed copy is easier to proofread.

Backup ideas: 

1. A flash drive is easy and convenient.  The problem is that they often get lost or damaged.  So I would combine it with other services.

2. E-mail: Your Coker e-mail is an excellent cloud based service.  You can use a personal e-mail account if you prefer, but it works the same.  Every few minutes, e-mail yourself a copy of the paper you are working on.  Keep in mind that "sent" e-mails are also kept separately, so even if you accidently delete an e-mail with a copy of your assignment, it probably will still be available in the "sent" folder.

3. True cloud services like Dropbox.  Dropbox is a great, free, storage service available from many different devices and computers.  The desktop client can be installed on your personal PC (or Android, iOS, or other device) and acts as a Windows (or Mac and Linux) folder.  It can be your default save location - so each time your document Autosaves, it saves into your Dropbox folder.

Good luck and keep your stuff backed up!

Writer's Studio Hours - Spring exams 2013

With exams right around the corner, Dr. David McCracken, Interim Director of the Writer's Studio, passes along the following hours during Reading Day and exams:

The Writer's Studio will be open from 4:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. during reading day (May 8) and final exams (May 9-May 14).
The Writer's Studio will not be open on Sunday, May 12.

The Writer's Studio is located on the second floor of the LITC and can help you with all facets of writing - from outline to citations.