Thursday, October 29, 2009


There are local and college history exhibits at the library:

Who was Amy Spain?
In March 1865, Amy Spain was sentenced to death by a Confederate Military Tribunal and hung in front of the Darlington County courthouse. Amy Spain was lynched as a slave. The display case on the first floor by the Circulation Desk features a published account of her death in a issue of Harper's Magazine dating back to September 30th, 1865. The exhibit also displays written testimonials and responses to the event, published in local periodicals like the Hartsville Messenger and The New Era. Though the circumstances surrounding her death are speculative, Spain's execution remains a violent chapter worthy of further exploration.

Coker College, the Early Days.
The display case on the second floor of the library features pictures of early dorm rooms, campus, and students, from the college's days as a girl's school. The exhibit also features residence life documents like the student handbook. Think being in college is hard, checkout some of the rules the first Coker students had to abide by - no walking on Main Street, no leaving campus on the weekends, and uniform requirements for trips outside of Campus - Yikes.

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