Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Where in the world...?

As I was compiling statistics for an annual library report, I found some interesting LITC website statistics using Google Analytics:

  1. We've had visits from 47 states with no visits from Montana, Wyoming and Vermont
  2. Top five states with the most visits (other than South Carolina): North Carolina, New York, Georgia, Massachusetts, and Florida
  3. We've also had visits from 64 countries with the United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, Ireland and the Czech Republic in the top five
  4. Some interesting places have visited the LITC webpages: Tajikistan, Palestinian Territories, Iraq, Iran, and Macedonia
  5. Nigerian users stay on the LITC website the longest, averaging almost six minutes per visit
  6. Google considers Puerto Rico and Guam as non-U.S. territories

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