Monday, May 11, 2009

Library Services Survey: Cell Phones and Noisy Patrons

Your Comment: Are people allowed to use their cell phones in the library/Why are people being so loud?

Though the majority of those surveyed find the LITC a quiet place to get some work done, we have received some comments and questions regarding the level of noise allowed in the LITC.

We want
to provide patrons with a comfortable environment in which they can work and study. Policies and guidelines have been put in place to ensure that the LITC remains a calm, quiet and accommodating place to conduct scholarly research.

Here’s a brief overview:

First Floor: Low level conversations are permitted. Groups needing to meet are encouraged to use one of the group study rooms on the second floor. Cell Phone usage is also permitted on the first floor, including the computer center and Java City cafe.

Second Floor: Quiet individual study only. Group study is permitted in the study rooms. Doors should be shut because the study rooms are not insulated and excessive noise can be clearly heard by others. On the second floor cell phones are restricted to study rooms and are not permitted in the quiet study areas of the second floor.

All Floors: We ask that individuals set their cell phone ringer to silent when entering the library and respect other patrons.

Our noise policies can be found on the Charles W. and Joan S. Coker Library-Information Technology Center homepage if ever you need to refer to them.

Remember, you are always encouraged to report excessive noise to staff at the Circulation Desk. Patrons violating these policies may be asked to quiet down, move to designated areas, turn off their phones or leave the library.

Feel free to comment here or contact the library staff if you have any questions.

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