Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Social Work Reference Center Trial

We've got a trial for a new reference resource, called Social Work Reference Center.  Don't let the "Social Work" title fool you - there is plenty of content available for sociology, criminology, psychology, and education.

Here's some information from the publisher:

No other digital reference tool offers social workers the breadth and depth of specialized resources featured in Social Work Reference Center. Social workers and mental healthcare professionals will benefit from instruments such as:
  • Evidence-Based Quick Lessons: Summaries of common conditions which include information on causes and risk factors; contraindications and precautions; examination best practices; assessment and care plans; desired outcomes and outcome measures; maintenance best practices; and prevention.
  • Evidence-Based Care Sheets: Summaries of the best and most current clinical data applicable to specific diseases and conditions. All evidence is evaluated according to 7-step evidence-based methodology to ensure the best and most current evidence is presented.
  • Clinical Assessment Tools: Descriptions of clinical assessments including psychological tests and attitude measures. Details include the purpose of the research and the variables measured; the number of items and questions; the sample population; the methodology; how to obtain information; and the source of the instrument.
  • Patient Education Handouts: Easy-to-read handouts in English and Spanish with detailed medical illustrations that may be personalized for each patient.
  • Skill Competency Checklist: Forms describing specific clinical skills that can also be used to track personal development and competency.

We'll have the trial until mid-July. Let us know what you think about this great e-resource in the comments below.

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