Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy 10th Birthday, Windows XP!

October 25 marks the tenth anniversary of the retail launch for one of the most popular computer operating systems to date: Windows XP.

Yes, it's been ten years already.  October 2001 was a huge month for popular technology as the first iPod also launched that month.

Windows XP peaked as the most popular operating system on the World Wide Web in January 2007 with 76.1% of all Internet-connected computers. As of September 2011, XP has around 37% market share.

Microsoft released three major updates, or service packs, for Windows XP.  The second service pack, released in 2004, was the most significant adding a wifi connection wizard and many security fixes (including the addition of Windows Firewall).  The third and last major service pack was released in 2008.

The default desktop wallpaper, called "Bliss," is actually a real photograph of a Sonoma County, California field:

Sadly, Windows XP support will end in April 2014.

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