Monday, August 15, 2011

Welcome Rachael!

Hello everyone! Please help the library welcome Rachael Minus as our new Evening and Weekend Library Assistant. Having just graduated from Coker last spring, Rachael is extremely knowledgeable about both the research process and Coker in general. Here is what she has to say about being a Coker student and her future ambitions:

While a student at Coker, I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere and sense of family that came with being at such a small community. It made really getting to know my professors much easier and I feel that really helped me get more out of my classes. I also enjoyed the chance to help other students through working with the Writer's Studio. The one-on-one sessions not only helped me forge lasting friendships but gave me a chance to encounter people from a different perspective than what is usually experienced when in the classroom.

For new students coming in, I'd advise that they take the time to take a deep breath once in a while and enjoy the campus so that they find a good balance between obligation and free time. I'd also advise taking time to chat with a professor before taking their class. This will give you a chance to find out more about what's expected of you for the semester so you'll not have so much to think about on the first day of class.

Here at the library, I love how welcoming the staff is. After all, they are the first people that you usually come in contact with when entering, so it's wonderful to be greeted by so many pleasant faces. The library's selection of books and databases is a joy as well, because it makes doing academic work so much easier. The open hours helped me out when I was a student - it was great to be able to access so many resources for so many hours during the day.

As for future plans, I'm hoping to pursue either a main career in Archival Studies or Acquisitions within a library, museum or art gallery. I'm considering also either doing a separate or double major track in Museum Law and am currently on the look out for the right Master's program. Due to my interest in literature, I hope to, in the meantime, continue what I do in my free time, which includes writing creatively and working as a freelance Manuscript Reader/Editor and Book Critic.

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