Monday, January 17, 2011

Meet the Staff

Megan Anne Johnson
Age: 25
Height: 5ft 3inches
Favorite Books: Harry Potter Series and Pride & Prejudice

"Librarians are needed now more than ever before because there is so much information online. It can be very frustrating when your search results turn up a lot of irrelevant items. You know there is something out there published on your topic, but you can't find it. That's where I come in!"

Meet the newest member of the LITC, Megan Johnson. She's a Reference Librarian and she'll be on hand to help patrons use library resources. Megan assists users in changing their search terms, utilizing databases, and finding the most relevant items for their topics. Imagine the library as a vast ocean. Megan would be a captain in our fleet, and these are familiar waters. She genuinely enjoys academic research, and helping people, and is looking forward to making a positive impact here at Coker College. "I truly do want to help in re-defining ready," Megan said. "I am excited about the opportunity to inspire and engage students in becoming better researchers by utilizing library resources."

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