Thursday, July 23, 2009

Chalok Literacy Project Update

I received this from Professor Dick Puffer this morning:

"Maggie Meyer double majored in Political Science - International Relations and Communication at Coker. Jim Lemke, her political science advisor, discussed the Chalok Literacy Project with his wife, Harriet, who then discussed it with Emily Phillips at Burry Bookstore and there is now a connection between Burry and Chalok with a box being filled with books for Maggie's English language students. This was a great idea for an even stronger connection between Coker, Hartsville and Maggie Meyer's Fulbright program in Malaysia. If you want more info on the literacy program it is contained in an earlier email, or you can find it on or the cokerexperience blog."

You can also find more information from a previous LITC blog entry.

The Burry Bookstore is a locally owned and operated bookstore here in Hartsville. What a perfect fit -- buying books from a locally owned store to send to English literature deprived students in Malaysia?

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