Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Library Services Survey: LITC hours of operation

Your Comment: I think the library should be open later/Why isn't the library open 24/7?/etc.

Although the majority of those surveyed thought the LITC's current hours were sufficient (84%), we received several comments and questions about the hours of operation for the LITC.

There are a few factors in determining the hours of operation.

  • Traffic - We take a door count of how many people enter and exit the library in a given day. Generally speaking, Saturdays are our "slowest days" where Mondays, Sundays and Thursdays are our "busiest." At least twice a semester we take a head-count of how many people are in the library during the day at three hour intervals. These methods give us a pretty decent picture of when the library building is being used.
  • Staffing - Obviously, we would need to have additional staffing to keep the library open longer. With additional hours, scheduling staff to cover different shifts can be challenging.
  • Costs - It is expensive to heat or cool and light a 40,000 square foot building. Anytime we are able to turn the lights off and HVAC system down benefits the College's budget (and keeps tuition down). Also, the additional staff enjoy being properly compensated for working.
Keeping these factors in mind, the LITC will have some expanded hours beginning in the Fall semester. We will be opening at 7:45 am Monday-Thursday and stay open until 6:00 PM on Friday evenings. We may tweak the Saturday hours this Fall semester, as well.

Feel free to comment here or contact the library staff if you have any questions.

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